Free YouTube SEO new Training Course

Free YouTube SEO new Training Course
Free YouTube SEO new Training Course

In marketing and SEO must be in constant training, so in Web Positioning Systems want you to know the SEO course YouTube is an official program that the social network has made available to users for free The intention is basically to help people learn how to optimize your profile, which can improve the positioning of your channel and YouTube discover the potential of using metada, collaborations, subtitles and promotions
Basics Course The course is called “Get Discovered” 8 lessons are estimated to take 3 hours in total. Videos and information are in English, so you should handle this language.
The idea is to learn to use the metadata of your video, aspects such as title, thumbnails and description, as these are very important for your position in the search engine YouTube, estimated is the second most used after Google.

The goal is that you can learn to harness and optimize your meta data, and you know how important collaborations with other youtubers or how necessary it is to add subtitles to reach an international audience. Interested in doing this course?
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The first goes to YouTube Creator Academy. You must have entered into your Gmail account automatically gives you a record on YouTube. Then you can take a diagnostic test at the end you get a score and a letter of termination, you will need to start the course.
Each lesson includes video and text. You can put your knowledge tests. Then you have to test what you’ve learned in a final exam, and if you get more than 75% approval receive a certificate.
What you will learn in the course SEO for YouTube?
The lessons are divided between basic and intermediate level. Some of you will see are

Get discovered (basic).
Make excellent thumbnails or thumbnails (basic).
How to write catchy titles (basic).
How do video descriptions that work (basic).
Use the cards effectively on YouTube (intermediate).
Collaborations (intermediate).
Expand your channel to the global search.
Advertising on your channel.
You can learn things like that is an excellent option to improve your popularity collaboration with people who are already famous in YouTube or create content that is important according to trends. The title is also very important, you should describe what the video is about. Thumbnail or thumbnail is basic must be an image of something that grabs their attention, like the face of a person, an animal (if you are in the video), you should not deceive people with an image that represents the they will, because they will immediately and eventually will damage it You also know about the importance of promoting, among other things.

In the course interface when you select a lesson you will see a video, a text more detailed information that lesson, even lets you download a PDF with details. Having seen and read the class, allow you to test your knowledge with some questions that need answering.
A section is also included in the page of each lesson with the common questions of creators, regarding the information given in class. And in the end, you will find the simple screening test to test whether you have learned and understood everything you’ve seen in this part of the course.

You can create your challenges, including the implementation of what has been learned in lessons in the videos you post on YouTube, and include these challenges in a calendar, where you can see if you have served to increase the number of visits to your videos. Other educational sources on YouTube

This social network provides many resources to its members, apart from this course SEO, you can take advantage of other options, such as joining the community on Google+ and connect with hundreds of video creators and share these best practices for success in the video market.

You can also watch videos of other successful youtubers, where they share their tips for creating better content to improve your channel. You can also get help from a YouTube creator, and improve your channel, increase your audience and solve problems, available forums, help center, email support, tools, find answers to your questions.

You know a little more about the SEO course YouTube is an excellent opportunity to learn a little more about this social network and how to become a famous YouTube, in today’s world, it is essential to keep up with changes in these platforms and the new features that will help you achieve greater presence and more engagement by the followers. And even you can monetize your YouTube channel and profit.

Remember that you can create a very good video, but if you practice SEO techniques and marketing to position it on YouTube and promote it, probably the people you want to reach, your target, you will not see, so you will not see the fruits of your labor.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Still SEO practices in your videos? Tell us your experience as YouTube.

New Youtube SEO Training Course Free

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