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The xenophobia in Germany is growing drastically

The xenophobia in Germany is growing drastically

There is more and more hate crime and xenophobia in Germany. A report shows increases of 77 and 116 percent. The citizens want the opposite: tolerance and respect.

In the federal government, concerns are growing because of increasing burglaries and hate crimes. This is reported by the “Passauer Neue Presse”, citing the final report on the citizens’ dialogue “Good life in Germany”. The 323-page report will be discussed in the Cabinet on Wednesday.

Hate crimes and xenophobia had increased dramatically last year, the report said. This is “worrying”. In 2015, 10,373 cases of hate criminality offenses, such as political attitudes, nationalities, skin colors or religions, were registered, 77 percent more than in the previous year. Xenophobic crimes increased by 116 per cent to 8529 cases. The increase in hate crimes in the Internet was estimated at 176 per cent, 3084 so-called hate postings were registered.

This development was in contradiction to one of the most important wishes expressed in the Citizens’ Dialogue, namely, the desire for tolerance and a ruthless dealings with each other. Germany is a “cosmopolitan country that provides space for a diverse society and opportunities for development,” the newspaper quoted from the report.

The rate of clearing of theft is decreasing

With regard to the rate of reconnaissance in case of burglaries, the report states that “this is where citizens expect all levels of government to take action and take action.” In 1998, 32.3 per cent of the theft was cleared by the investigators, in 2015 it was only 27 per cent. Theft statistics have been going up since 2010, and 167,000 cases have been recorded in 2015. “This represents an increase of almost ten percent compared to last year,” the newspaper quoted from the government report.

The xenophobia in Germany is growing drastically

The xenophobia in Germany is growing drastically

Updated: October 26, 2016 — 5:26 am

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