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Is the Wiesn a relationship killer

 Is the Wiesn a relationship killer

Is the Wiesn a relationship killer

Couples therapist David Wilchfort explains where cheating begins, remain as partners left and whether you can actually see at the Oktoberfest’s great love.

David Wilchfort, 70, is a medical doctor. The couple and family therapist’s training director for behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis and operates since 1973 his practice in Munich.
Foreign Flirting, foreign Kissing, One-night stands, marriage Barney. The Wiesn is Sodom and Gomorrah. Can we blame it all on alcohol consumption?

Much, but not all. This is comparable to the carnival, which is historically and psychologically deep a relief from a strict time. And the Catholic Bavaria that enough not just once a year. Here is much throughout the year regulated, and then maybe it just needs more of this second valve.

And after the second Mass, the opposite is more beautiful?

Since I’m not so sure, but it is certainly uninhibited. The harder I bind the tie in everyday life, the greater the need to release it in such festivals. Over 40 years, I have experience in my practice in Munich, that in fact many negative experiences of partners were made at the carnival or the Oktoberfest.

Is the Wiesn ie a relationship killer?

This is like the question of whether it is dangerous to ski. If anyone can ski well, then that is also relatively safe. If any of you can not and leaving from the shot, then that is quite dangerous.

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