Breast war Why Sophia Wollersheim will not sue Edona James


Breast war Why Sophia Wollersheim will not sue Edona James

Because wiggle the plastic cups. Sophia Wollersheim takes New Woman Edona James to his chest.

Because pulling her marriage to Bert in the dirt, drive their attorneys to sharp guns. Breast war in Dusseldorf.

Public at all costs. And krawallige Sayings additionally need to be perceived. At least, likely to trash Transe Edona (known because they had to expose themselves by RTL on a Naked Island and later from the Big Brother house flew) and porn actress “Aische Pervers” (groaning with Dieter Bohlen times the “Erlk├Ânig”) thought.

One interviewed the other, of course, in an appropriate atmosphere. In bikini in XXS format Prickel shower tinned including straw, most intimate questions.

And sometime Aische from Berlin and Edona came from Hattingen on jungle camp and “Sophia” to speak. And then it was nasty.

Edona pestete: “I’m not jealous of them, because I had to marry a man old.” And in order to become famous, they have particularly cared not “any old rotten” body parts …

The movies ended up on the Internet. 45 000 clicks! Wollersheim got wind of the semi-erotic strip. Too much for the buxom 29-year-old, because when it comes to their Berti, who was born in Berlin is the lioness.

“The statement about my client’s insulting,” says Sophia of Pinneberger lawyers. They call for a declaration of failure of Edona. Only has no intention to sign this.

Your manager Ramon Wagner: “I can understand that Sophia annoyed by the statement. . Nevertheless, I think the reaction is somewhat excessive “Does now: waiting for the gong for round 2 in Breast-war …

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