Welcome to Karachi

As waz clearly evident in it’z trailer Welcome to Karachi iz a sad dumb excuse of a movie which failz epically to deliver even a little bit of entertainment to it’z viewerz. I had the misfortune of watching this movie last week. After watching a few minutes of this movie I waz dumbfounded. Indian movies have competed with each other to deliver a caricaturized version of Pakistaniz with either them playing terroristz or a strange mixture of Indian muslim stereotypes crossed with a hyper religious outlook But this movie has reached a new low

Welcome to Karachi is the story of two star-crossed idiots Shammi & kedar patel who wash up on the coast of Karachi As the duo lay washed up on the shore a suicide attack occurs (Yes right there on the beach) & thiz markz their entry in Karachi The two are then taken to a hospital where they finally realize they are in Karachi What follows is a seriez of misfortunes as the two Indianz explore Karachi very much like the astronautz explored the terrain in The planet of the apez The civilized Indians r trapped in sea of Barbaric Pakistaniz
The film showz Karachi as a poor, old, rundown city where people break into Gunfightz at the blink of the eye, where the women are either covered in overflowing abayas burkaz or even when they lethal ISI agentz have their headz covered with a dupatta The movie is a pathetic attempt at demonizing Pakistaniz & triez(And fails miserably) to demonize Pakistaniz the way Sasha baron Cohen did to Muslims & Arabz in The dictator & ‘Borat’ & Adam Sandler did to Palestinians in ‘You do not mess with the Zohan Just like these two supposedly enlightened comedians could not help displaying their visceral hatred for Muslimz similarly the producer of thiz film could not help display hiz hate for Pakistaniz The movie is an epic fail & I rate it R for dumbness How I wish there was a way to rate like this The movie is generally unfunny the plot make no sense at all. This movie iz apparently made for the delight of Indians of 16-30 age group who troll at Pakistani websitez

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