The Voice of Germany instead of planks

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The Voice of Germany  instead of planks


It remains: The most beautiful thing about this singing is the knocking and stinging among the jury members. More staging needs then but no man.

The relief comes when Smudo Andreas Bourani slams: Yepp, fortunately still does not bother. Even in the sixth season of this most adult, most impotent of all singing songs, one can still see the four coaches struggling for excellencies, who are thirsty when they snatch the others a special voice, a dazzling type before their noses.

Besonders viel Spaß macht das Zuschauen dabei natürlich, wenn Andreas Bourani, Smudo und Michi Beck, die neu dazu gestoßene Yvonne Catterfeld und Wiederkehrer Samu Haber allesamt einen Kandidaten oder eine Kandidatin in ihrem Team haben möchten. So wie bei der 17-jährigen Matthea, die Bourani erst mit großzügig abgewickeltem Absperrband für sich beanspruchen wollte, und der dann jeder der Coaches nacheinander ein Bezirzungs-Ständchen sang – vom Fanta-Blues (“Ich bin Smudo, das ist Michi / und wir diggen deine Kunst”) bis zur Haberschen “Umbrella”-Variante.

No outliers, only talents

You can look at these faxes relaxed, because they are the only silly element at TVOG – the candidates are without exception very good, still is waived on cheap amusement applicants. Everyone can sing, even if they are sometimes as amusing as Georg Stengel, the Brandenburg dowry dancer, who took the second time to convince the coaches this time with “Pocahontas” by Annenmaykantereit.

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