The 10 most curious facts about Dirndl

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The 10 most curious facts about Dirndl
The 10 most curious facts about Dirndl
The Australian Dirndl?

And Angela Merkel wears red and green

Everyone knows the phenomenon As one wants to do something particularly well and taps straight into the next best faux pas. What does that have to do with Dirndl? In Seoul a lot. Finally wanted the South Koreans, who were allowed to align the first Asian nation a G-20 summit in its capital in November 2010, to fill its host role particularly well.

Therefore, they make cardboard cutouts to all summit participants that they should show in supposedly typical local costume. One can easily imagine that Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard not bad amazed when she was allowed to admire their replica in dirndl. Obviously, the South Koreans Australia had confused with Austria. A gaffe which already occurred even with George W. Bush.

Angela Merkel also got a fancy Dirndl missed, although German Chancellor only very little has with Bayern known at the hat. To top it all off, why not look at the color selection. Mrs Merkel Dirndl consisted of a green coat with red apron.
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