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sentenced Romanian hacker As brought Guccifer Clinton into trouble

sentenced Romanian hacker As brought Guccifer Clinton into trouble

sentenced Romanian hacker As brought Guccifer Clinton into trouble
A Romanian Stalker without special computer expertise brought once the email affair of Hillary Clinton rolling. Now the conspiracy theorists to jail

A court in Virginia has condemned on Thursday the Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel alias “Guccifer» to 52 months in prison because he had hacked Internet accounts of 100 prominent Americans. Lehel had known in May guilty. Among his victims were former US President George W. Bush, whose own painted portrait became known by the data leak, or even the former American Secretary of State Colin Powell.
Cheaper computers and mobile phones

Became famous Lehel but the fact that he had brought the email affair of Hillary Clinton rolling: In March 2013, he published in part as confidential categorized emails that Clinton had written about her private address to a confidant, Sidney Blumenthal. Lehel claim that he was also penetrated easily in Clinton server, paid little faith in the US. It is not disputed that he hacked the email account of Blumenthal. In the process played the Clinton affair for lack of evidence does not matter.

“Guccifer», whose nom de guerre is a drawing together of Gucci and Lucifer – “the style of Gucci and the light of Lucifer”, as he himself explains – is a bizarre figure. The 44-year-old unemployed taxi driver comes from the Romanian village Sambateni in Transylvania. He was arrested a first time in 2011, after he had hacked primarily by the nickname “Little Smoke” with presumably slippery intentions the Internet accounts of Romanian star. For these attacks as well as those against targets in the United States is said to have only used a cheap computer and a smartphone.

Apparently, he did not even have a special knowledge in using computers. The Romanian prosecutor Viorel Badea, who led the study, explained Lehel could have cause a lot more damage if he would have been technically better equipped. “He was not really a hacker, but a poor Romanian who wanted to be famous,” said Badea. Moreover Lehel is smart – and patient: He spied as online Stalker his victims partly for months and found his way down to much knowledge about their personality. As used these often quite uncertain and trivial passwords, he seems to have little problems to crack this.

As the noose started contracting around him in spring 2014, he also broke out apparently panicked and tried to destroy his computer and mobile phone with an ax. The pieces he left, however, until his arrest are in his garden. They served in the procedure as evidence. In Romania Lehel is already convicted for another stalking attacks against local politicians, he was the United States for the American method but delivered temporarily.
Political instrumentalization

In a conversation with the “New York Times” Lehel said the aim of his actions was political: He did so want to break the power of the Illuminati who rule the world, according to his opinion. His tangled worldview include conspiracy to September 11 2001, the death of Princess Diana and alleged planned nuclear attack on Chicago, 2015.

There is no evidence that he had help from outside – in contrast to the recent attack on the Democratic Parte in the US. The hacker who published 20,000 internal emails, calls itself based on Lehel “Guccifer 2.0”, but applies in American security circles as nominee of the Russian secret service. Proven is not. However, the Russians also use “Guccifer” the first to make political sentiment against Hillary Clinton. Their propaganda channels spread false information about the case Lehel and insinuate that have a political background.
Strange rumors

The inglorious culmination of this campaign in July, as the State Russian propaganda site Sputnik News reported, “Guccifer” committed in the US in prison suicide. The message had been placed by a portal for conspiracy in the world, which was based on this and other stories on alleged intelligence sources in Moscow.

Lehel will help this campaign a little, even if it is then brought from the US to Eastern Europe, but not to Russia, but to Romania: There he sits the rest of his seven-year prison sentence before he is then transferred back into an American detention center

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