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Sarah & Pietro Lombardi Manager The contact is canceled

Sarah & Pietro Lombardi Manager The contact is canceled

Everyone wants to know how the marriage of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi is, and whether the former trampaar finds each other again. But even her manager has no contact.
Sarah & Pietro Lombardi Manager The contact is canceled
The harmonious times are probably over with Sarah (24) and Pietro Lombardi (24). While Sarah and his son Alessio (1) had flown alone in the family vacation, Pietro stayed back in Germany. The reason for the marriage break: Sarah has allegedly deceived her husband. Last week, pictures and chat profiles suddenly surfaced. After that, the couple retired. However Sarah posed a suspiciously happy holiday picture on her private Facebook page.

No contact!

Now, of course, all ask themselves the question: What is now with the former DSDS trampaar and especially with her son Alessio? But that can not be answered by her manager at the moment. According to her statement against, she currently has no contact with the two. Sounds like a really violent marriage. Will they manage to find each other again?

Updated: October 24, 2016 — 6:41 am

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