Revology Mustang Bring The 64 Replica

Revology Mustang Bring The 64 Replica
If you’ve got a love for vintage Mustangs, Original color: like the classic 1964 pony, you are in luck! As a result of Revology pony, is transferred back to life the 1964 Ford pony. They initial begin with AN existing pony body of a 1964½ – 1966 vintage, Then They restore it back to life, with retro trendy technology. However, original some options area unit a requirement, Ford: like an imaginative paint job! Owner Tom Scarpello aforesaid Original paint any color, may be Obtained.
Vintage Under the skin of those Revology designed Mustangs area unit a strong chassis with new McPherson strut front and three-link rear suspension parts. You’ll notice that these reproduction Mustangs are designed to be quicker, safer, and additional reliable compared to the original! Positive there is nothing sort of a real classic 1964 Ford pony, but really, nowadays, responsibleness could be a must!
After sound the hood on this 64′ Stang, you will see a a 302-cubic-inch Windsor V-8 with 265-horsepower and three hundred pound. -ft. Of torque. It is not the initial engine, however the noise factor is, these newer trendy engines are a unit additional powerful and {again|once additional} more reliable. This primarily you’ll cruise on Woodward all you wish while not heating or any quite breakdown, that could be a common factor with some original classic Mustangs.
But if you are coming up with on owning one among these replicas, you higher have deep pockets as a result of a Revology reproduction 1964 pony starts at $119,500 only for the fastback, the convertible is an additional $2500, that is not dangerous if you are looking to soak in some ergocalciferol.

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