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Prince Harry has a heart for pachyderms

Prince Harry has a heart for pachyderms

Prince Harry has a heart for pachyderms
The British royal house has published photos on Instagram that show Prince Harry (31) in Africa as one of the world’s largest elephant resettlements. The second-born son of Prince Charles (67) and the late Diana (1961-1997) spent three weeks in Malawi working alongside volunteers, veterinarians and experts. Among the pictures is a shot that shows Harry how to mark a stunned animal with spray paint so that it can be more easily identified later.

“The spray will disappear after a few days,” the prince explained. In another photo, he can be seen with a few other helpers to help a dazed elephant bulls lay down unscathed. Already often, Prince Harry expressed the wish to live in Africa, and to participate permanently in such and similar projects. The only problem is that his royal duties prevent him from doing so.

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Updated: October 30, 2016 — 6:01 am

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