Raid on the River Rhine in Bonn – Police hunts for alleged sex offender

Raid on the River Rhine in Bonn – Police hunts for alleged sex offender

The police are an apparition picture by an obscure man who is said to have a 26-year-old jogger assaulted in the city of Bonn on the Rhine.

The reality happened by on September 18, at around 7 o’clock. The outsider said to have first been perched on a seat at the Rheinaustraße. At the point when the young lady vorbeijoggte to him, he pursued her, as per examiners. At the level of a games field, he brought the 26-year premise. She opposed, broke free and fled toward Kennedy Bridge. The culprits took off towards south scaffold from the wrongdoing scene. Possibly he was harmed on one hand and on the left half of the face thereof.

Since the examinations so far have not prompted the distinguishing proof of the suspect, the Bonn police now distributed on a court request drawn up by the state police of the man identikit. the wrongdoer is portrayed likewise as takes after: Approximately 25-35 years of age, 1.75 m tall, three-day whiskers, round face, short and tidy hair, wearing a white zip coat with dim stripes on the sleeves (probably the brand Adidas), light Levis, white shoes.

The police are searching for witnesses who can give data on the individual appeared on the apparition picture, to put under the number 0228/15-0 with the able Kriminalkommissariat 12 or the Criminal Watch in conjunction.

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