Katy Perry She shows herself naked

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Katy Perry She shows herself naked

On November 8 Election Day in the United States: To urge American nationals to vote, the vocalist Katy Perry hauled out.

In the present race for the pined for spot in the White House, it is in the United States of America as of now get hot, on the grounds that in under six weeks to go – pick the US residents their new president. While the US presidential competitors, Democrat Hillary Clinton (68) and the business person Donald Trump (70), on Monday (September 26) as of now gave the primary duel in live TV, had the US vocalist Katy Perry (31) an astute thought to persuade their comrades to choose: Just show exposed.

Gracious la!

As a team with the US site “Entertaining or Die” and the philanthropy “Shake The Vote” showed up Katy in a silly video that will speak to the more youthful populace and animate Select. In the one and a half moment cut, the “Thunder” vocalist is about yourself clever, as well as goes the entire hoard and shows up totally stripped – . Through totally with a candy, biting gum and popcorn in their hair the clasp there however just in edited adaptation, run of the mill America.

In any case, you can see here yourself …

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