Jungle Camp 2017 Honey and Sarah Joelle move in

Jungle Camp 2017 Honey and Sarah Joelle move in

From the “Island of Love” to the Jungle Camp! DSDS star Sarah Joelle Jahnel (27) is to be a candidate for the new season of success format. And yet another candidate can be warmly welcomed at the camp fire: Alexander Keen, better known as “Honey”.

This is what the BILD newspaper reports. While the singer is well versed in reality formats, she was already a candidate at Celebrity Big Brother and most recently Adam is looking for Eva celebrities in paradise, the former “Mr. Hessen” enters new territory. He gained popularity as a friend of Germany’s next top model winner Kim Hnizdo. So prominent enough for the jungle! With his bursting self-esteem, he is perfect for the show.

On island diva Sarah Joelle, the Australian jungle will surely have tougher days than at AsE. She can get some tips from her BFF Micaela Schafer (32), who made a very good figure in the jungle camp in 2012. Also to be there is scandal model Gina-Lisa Lohfink (30).

How much fun Sarah really had at AsE, you can see in the clip.

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