Jenny Elvers worries about Nadja Abd El Farrag

Jenny Elvers worries about Nadja Abd El Farrag

Jenny Elvers and Nadja Abd El Farrag had a comparative story of burden. Presently the blonde stresses over Naddel and offers her assistance.

Jenny Elvers (44, “shooting ride”) and Nadja Abd El Farrag (51) make them thing in like manner: They both had compulsion issues. In any case, while Elvers could conquer their reliance, the previous by Dieter Bohlen is still in the center. Presently the blonde stresses over Naddel. In a meeting with the magazine “Closer” clarifies Elvers: “When Nadja I think back with pitiful eyes you should totally stop, else they will endure serious backslides over and over..” Alone, they couldn’t do it. “Treatment is an unquestionable requirement!” Said her recommendation to Naddel. Be that as it may, sees things in an unexpected way. Inverse “Closer” it claims, “everything entirely well under control” to have.

Elvers can report from individual experience, how critical was the backing of her family in the battle against habit. In any case, this is the place she takes a gander at Naddel an issue: “It has no genuine article neither professionally nor secretly that time I could likewise accept any parts, yet had my child Paul, for whom I will dependably be there youngsters help a lot….” Nadja Abd El Farrag contrast have barely awesome backing on their side. Jenny Elvers makes her “Closer” yet a pleasant offer: “On the off chance that she enjoys, she can readily get in touch with me has my number they..”

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