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How To Cure Bad Breath Awesome Tips

How To Cure Bad Breath Awesome Tips
Bad breath changes the happy moment to bad moments when nobody likes to even talk to the person who is having bad breathe It is an embarrassing health condition that affects 30 % of population from the rest of the world. Many people do tooth pasting and clear all the mucus and cavity from the teeth. When you talk to the people it always seems too bad and even you also smell when you speak and feels ugly It is not necessary that people who don’t tooth pasting is the culprit of bad breathing. It happens with the people who do on daily basis even two times a day. There are several causes of this problem some diagnosed by the doctors but others by the people themselves. People have lungs problem and facing some diseases internally so they can face the bad breathe problem constantly It iz better to do X-Rayz of your teeth and make it identify before doing it do some practical home remedies to cure from bad breath We must take a note of bad breathing otherwise one have to face it for long term basiz
Causes of Bad Breath

When the mouth is dry from several hours it could lead to bad breath
Food that contain garlic and onion is the real cause of this problem because it contains Sulphur that produces bacteria
Another cause is poor dental hygiene that generates microorganism bacteria in the mouth
It possibly the cause of dental disease and gum diseases
No proper tooth brushing is another cause of this problem
Tonsils and flu material is also the cause of bad breath

Following are some ways to get rid of bad breathing

Adopt the better breathing method
60 percent of people inhale and exhausts breathing from the mouth which is the severe cause of bad breathing. Try to inhale the breath from the nose instead of mouth.

Cleaning mouth
Some foods are the real causes and you need to clean the mouth after having the non-vegetarian foods like meat, chicken, fish or any sea food. Brush your teeth each time you are having the non-veg food.

Drink black and green teas

Green tea and black tea contains polyphenols and helps to reduce oral bacteria’s from the gums and teeth. It is also helps to lose weight and maintain the best body level
Drinking liquid H2O soluble

It is the better advice to drink as much water as you can in a day. You don’t need to worry at all and everything will be alright when body is having the better quantity of the water.
Avoid using the dairy elements in your daily meals because it enhances the bad breath in the mouth. Eliminates dairy foods and improve the breath
Scrape the tongue
Some bacteria are hidden on the back of the tongue so scrape the tongue hardly and remove all the bacteria from it. Mostly it is the main cause of bad breathing and you must remove it gently

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