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GNTM Miriam Shock Your friend dies in helicopter crash

GNTM Miriam Shock Your friend dies in helicopter crash

GNTM Miriam Shock Your friend dies in helicopter crash
How terrible! solely at the tip of Gregorian calendar month, relief and ex-GNTM candidate Miriam Höller had broken once mistreatment each legs, permanent harm can’t be excluded. currently she has got to deal with the second serious blow.

They each idolised the adrenaline: relief Miriam Höller (29) and extreme sportswoman Hannes Arch (48). for 6 years the 2 were a combine, shared their love for the intense. currently these same the Red Bull drivers well-tried fatal. As Austrian media reports, Arch crashed his eggbeater within the region Hohe Tauern in alpine parcel of land. He steered the eggbeater. throughout the second occupier of the eggbeater was seriously wounded saved might rescue the 48-year-olds solely dead from the portion of the eggbeater. The eggbeater was destroyed on a rock face – only 1 minute when the beginning.
How might that happen?

The Austrians knew his stuff, was one in every of the most effective sports pilots within the world. and therefore the weather was smart that day. “It was a registered night visual flight, the weather was smart. underneath such circumstances, a flight isn’t a haul, “said police representative Ewald Dorner to the Austrian station ORF.

How then might it come back to the present terrible accident? Was technical failure of reason?
A shock for Miriam!

Six years was Hannes the person at Miriam’s facet – currently he’s dead, it’s unthinkable that the relief has got to bear simply.. solely the tip of Gregorian calendar month they stopped at a photograph shoot each legs, had to endure surgery. And even permanent harm can’t be excluded. She has got to fight associate uphill battle. a couple of days past she was optimistic, announce a photograph on her Facebook account with the comment: “Ok, ok, my smile isn’t very convincing, however have withal simply decided: FROM currently IT’S solely UPHILL”

How terrible! as a result of with the news of the death of their beloved friend, it’ll actually take an extended time till Miriam will convincingly smile once more.

We want her all the strength to urge through this tough time!

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