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facebook sad girl story

facebook sad girl story

The FULL Story
Girl : let’s meet up I miss you alot.
Boy: Okay, later babe I’m drinking with my boys. Lets meet up around 12:00.
Girl: You started drinking again? /:
Boy: Yeah don’t worry about me babe, I’ll see you later though my phone battery is about to die.
*boy turns phone off* He continues drinking and loses track of time. At 2:35 he comes home to find his brother outside panicking. He says “A Hospital just called me your girl was shot to death. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!”
* boys begins crying and turns phone on* last message from his girl.
1:45: I have been out by your house for a while now I guess your phone must have died. I’m leaving all I wanted to do was see you, but I hope you’re having fun with your friends. Text me when you get home babe.. I Love
1:55: babe some guys are following me I’m scared!
2:00: voice mail*
Babe I’m scared some guys are chasing me idk what to do.
* Shots go off * Silence

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