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Cause of death known died by Tatort star Manfred Krug

Cause of death known died by Tatort star Manfred Krug

 Cause of death known died by Tatort star Manfred Krug
This news is likely to have shattered many fans in the past week: On 21 October, actor Manfred Krug died. The former crime scene commissioner was 79 years old. While it was not yet known what caused him to die, Manfred Krug died of acute pneumonia.

This is now reported by the picture newspaper, which has received the information from the narrower surroundings of the deceased. His now very weakened body apparently could no longer fight against the infection. Even before, the drama legend had always had to do with a health problem: 19 years ago, the “favorite Kreuzberg” star had a stroke, from which he could well recover. In autumn 2014 a heart valve operation followed. Now, unfortunately, he could not get up again, was maintained until his death by his wife Ottilie, with whom he was proud for 53 years.

Really a pity that Manfred Krug could not recover yet again. As the Boulevardmagazin also reported, he had planned a new film and a jazz CD after 15 years of retirement. In this respect, his management says, “It is expected to appear posthumously to his 80th birthday on February 8th.” With this Manfred will surely conjure a smile to his fans!

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Updated: October 30, 2016 — 5:27 am

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