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4 tips for a radiant smile

4 tips for a radiant smile

Reasons for discolored teeth may be nicotine, red wine, tea or coffee. Since regular brushing usually helps nothing, “whitening” toothpaste or other non-prescription products are often a waste of money, work hard or damage your pearly whites. A good way to get your teeth white, is the regular dental cleaning. At least once a year you should have professional teeth cleaned at the dentist. In addition to a fresh appearance, the treatment also supports the health of the teeth.

Whiten teeth get: Beware of home remedies

Formerly were baking soda, lemon juice and salt as a popular home remedy to whiten yellowed teeth. Of these dentists recommend now from but. Although the sodium bicarbonate contained in baking powder provides, when used singly at first sight for whiter teeth. But as it abrades the enamel, this will disappear after repeated use. The result: The yellowish dentin that lies underneath is revealed. A cleaning with citric acid and salt has the same abrasive effect.

Whiten teeth get: The food makes it

Whom the white of his teeth at heart, which should limit its coffee, tea and red wine consumption. Cigarettes are another culprit, because the nicotine does not only ugly yellow-brownish spots, but also promotes the effect of coffee & Co.

Good oral hygiene for white teeth

Another way to keep his white teeth longer know is effective brushing. This includes not only a cleaning of the teeth with the toothbrush, but also with dental floss and mouthwash. With the toothbrush is usually omitted gets all leftovers hiding in the interstices. This one puts best flossing and mouthwash to body.

After each brushing – ideally two to three times a day – should be removed with dental floss, the food particles between teeth, since they can mutate the tooth edge to the ugly tartar and throw so dark shadow on the whole tooth.

Then the handle follows the mouthwash: This product is a good addition to daily brushing, rinses with essential oils are due to their antiseptic and disinfectant properties especially recommended.

get teeth whitened by oil pulling

An old Ayurvedic trick is the oil pulling. Here the mouth every morning is flushed at least 15 minutes with vegetable oils, which is the mouth withdraw toxins. In addition, it leaves a protective film on the teeth that binds germs and bacteria and thus periodontitis and prevents stains on the teeth.

get teeth whitened by bleaching

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, the so-called, is another way to get your teeth white. There are different variants depending on the discoloration of the teeth. A disadvantage of this is the high cost, which does not carry the health insurance company. The treatments cost between 250 and 1000 euros. A variant is the home bleaching. Here footprints are taken by the dentist, by which individual rails can be customized. This helps the patient then at night with a bleaching gel. The Office Bleaching found locally in practice place and is better suited for single discolored teeth, because you can work here with a higher concentration.

The Power Bleaching is the most efficient way for a strong whitening of teeth.

The dentist uses not only a bleaching agent as in the office bleaching, but also a high energy light source. After each bleaching the enamel is particularly sensitive and is the first two days strengthened using fluoride gel.

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