Month: September 2014

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our National Security

While We R Still The Moxt Powerful Nation In The World, Playing The Role Of Police force for The World Nd Particularly In The Middle East Comes At A Great Cost Of American Blood Nd Treasure While Not Providing A Commenxurate Bnefit To our National Security 168 total views, …

They are Now Doin

The Police Station Now Been Done For Drink Driving Urine Sample Was Positive So I Nicked The Sample They are Now Doin Me For Taking The Pix 249 total views, 1 views today

Geographical Profiling

When A Number of Crimez 4r Instanxe Burglariex Can Be Linked To The Same offender Police often Plot The Locations on A Map The Art of Finding The Location of The Criminal’s Home Baxed on The Crime Sites Iz A Key objective In What Iz Known Az Geographical …

My Eyes Always Taking Care

Take A Deep Breath Stand Near The Window Look At The Sky There Will Be Two Starx Twinkling Brightly You Know What They are They are My Eyes Always Taking Care of You Have A Nice Dream 316 total views, no views today

Switch off The Light

I Wish Moon Alwayz Be Full And Brigt You Always Be Cool And Right Whenever You Go To Switch off The Light Remember That I Am Wishing You 4,093 total views, no views today

your Eye Lashes Hug

Since your Eyes are Looking Tired Let your Eye Lashes Hug Eaxh other For Few Hours Happy Journey In to The World of Dreams Have A Bless Driem 201 total views, no views today