Month: May 2014

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stay positive in life

Every bad situation will have something positive Even a dead clock showz correct time twice a day stay positive in life GOD Knowz what iz best 4 You 288 total views, no views today

ALLAH Bless You Alwyas

One tree can start a forest one smile can start a relationship one touch can show love and care And one person like you can make lyfe worth living ALLAH Bless You Alwyas 349 total views, no views today

still loves them

when You truly care 4or some 1 Their mistake never change our feelingz coz itz D mind that get angry Bt da heart still loves them 337 total views, no views today

pray for u

Today is Friday The Day Of Acceptance Of Dua, I pray for u And ur family a good health long life brilliant succes Barkat-e-Kaseer in ur Jan-o-Mal, Izzat-o-Iqbal Eaman Rizq And all joyz of lyfe which u have ever wishe Aamen ReGarDz: KinG_ButT 333 total views, no views today

Jummy ka din ha

Zara Sa muskura dena aaj Jummy ka din ha Gilay shikwy bhula dana aj jummy ka din ha Khafa hona khafa karna kese ko bhe nahe acha Dua lana dua dana aj jumme ka din Ha Jhuma Mubrik And Parye For me Plz Regargdz: KinG_ButT 280 total views, no …