Month: December 2013

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Do You Know The Meaning

Husband Asks: Do You Know The Meaning Of Wife It means Without Information Fighting Every time Wife says: No it means With Idiot for Ever 199 total views, no views today

Simple Wordz Reflect

Simple Wordz Reflect Great Thoughtz Your Smile Can Cure Heart Blockz So Keep On Smiling It Rockz Everything is softer and more beautiful Have A Happy New Year 2014 166 total views, no views today

Hi My Very Special Friend

Hi My Very Special Friend I pray you lay in rest God bless you always & may New Year 2014 Bring you a lot of Love & Happiness Wish U Have a Happy New Year 2014 Bless You 187 total views, no views today

When Something Really

I Miss You When Something Really Good Happens Because You’re The One I Want To Share It With I Miss YoU When Something Is Troubling Me Because You’re The Only One Who Understands Me I Miss You When I Laugh And Cry Because I Know That You’re The …

i am sending u

At the end of 2013 i am sending u LUN L: Lotos Of Love U: Unlimited Cear N: Never Ending Friendship So Hold My LUN And Enjoy The Thund 187 total views, no views today